The mission of VIA Interior Buro is to assist our clients in achieving the long-awaited comfort and aesthetic pleasure of being in their own homes
Let’s get to know each other!
We are Venera and Anya, practicing interior designers from Moscow, Russia. In 2020 we established VIA Interior Buro which works now both in Russia and Cyprus as well as worldwide.
Our main advantage is immaculate customer service and individual approach
We do not take a large number of projects in order to pay full attention to each client. We do not have template solutions.
We dive deep into the task and think through every detail, from project presentation to final decoration.
Design Now AWARDS 2023 nominees
Award winner "Masters of the seasons" by Elle Decoration, Russia
VIA Interior buro: 45 sq.  m. flat for rent
Bold Instagrammable interior.
Vibrant Memphis two-bedroom.
Nude 70 sq. m. flat
VIA Interior buro: neo-primitive inspired interior
Scenic Interior inspired by contemporary art
Enjoy the process and we take care of everything else
Full design Project
Planning Solutions
Concept Project
Design Consulting
Since the client had a specific request for an interior designed for rental, one that would stand out in the real estate market, we suggested giving it a unique 'character'. The client loved the idea, and the interior found its ideal imaginary occupants — a young woman or a couple, modern professionals, bloggers, influencers. The apartment itself was designed to be as "Instagrammable" as possible.
In terms of functionality and ergonomics, we managed to make the most of the space, fitting a kitchen and living area, a bedroom with a separate walk-in closet, a bathroom, and a utility room into just 45 square meters.
Interestingly, it didn’t take long at all to find tenants for the apartment who perfectly matched the envisioned profile.
Memphis Project
We added vintage furniture pieces and lighting to the interior, which we carefully collected bit by bit from specialized showrooms.
This was the second apartment for rent for the same client, who wanted to explore a completely different concept and style. Here, we suggested focusing on a serene ambiance with natural tones and textures — the walls and ceiling were adorned with decorative paint mimicking stone texture, and the bathrooms were finished with earthy-toned ceramic tiles."
This approach allowed us to create a contemporary and intriguing interior while staying within the client’s budget.
Nude Project
The project won the award by ELLE DECORATION magazine and the LANORS paint manufacturer and was featured in the April 2021 issue of ELLE DECORATION Russia.
As a result of the completed work, the interior became cohesive, with the use of color helping to set the mood and atmosphere in the room, and the furniture arrangement became more logical and ergonomic.
The task was to refine the room’s interior using decorative techniques. During the redesign, the walls were repainted, and adjustments were made to the furniture layout, leading to the relocation of lighting fixtures.
Bedroom revamp
Memphis Project
Проект Nude
Bedroom revamp
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